Promote Music/Video on BT

Promote Music/Video on BT will submit your music or record to thousands of top music resources in your genre including Radio Stations, Satellite and local Tv Channels Online Music Magazines, Directories, Ezines and Blogs. Our ground breaking music  promotional plans are sure to provide an artiste or a band all the publicity they need.
Your subscription also gives you automated updates of music licensing opportunities (i.e.) Movies, television and commercials, Ambassadorship also include Managers, Agents Showcases, Clubs, CD Duplication, Music Conferences, Cd Review Publications, Press Releases, Radio, Retail, Distribution Outlets, Studio Finder.
We provide innovative marketing solutions to help musicians compete, cooperate and differentiate in an increasingly noisy music environment. Unlike typical “closed” communities, artistes use as their home base for approaching marketing and promotion across the Internet as a whole – through social networks, blogs and/or the artiste’s homepage hosted on


Broadcast Media Promotion will instantly submit your music or your album to top Radio and TV stations, Media Broadcast promotion is an extremely important aspect of building your musical career. It’s the quickest method with which to reach the largest possible listening audience, We will blast your music across 15 major cities in Nigeria on top radio stations and award winning Music TV channels(Soundcity and Nigezie inclusive). How big? Depending on the format and the size of your promotion campaign, it can be anywhere from 20,000 listeners to several million!!

Highlights of this

  • Get your music on top music radio stations
  • Get your music played on top music satellite TV channels
  • Exclusive radio hypes
  • Get your music videos played on Soundcity, Hip Tv, Nigezie e.t.c
  • Reach millions of audience without hazzle

Social Media Promotion
There is no doubt that social media like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter plays a major role in online music promotion. It now a major tool in online advertising with its over 5 million+ active users from Nigeria only and over 1 Billion active users throughout the world. Bazetunes will promote your music or you record by advertising on facebook,instagram, youtube and twitter with the use of professional social tools. Our ground breaking social media promotion is sure to provide an artiste or a band all the publicity they need on the internet scenario. If you don’t have a website bazetunes will create one for you on request!

Highlights of This

  • We use Facebook Ads to promote your music
  • Promote your fan page or twitter page with Facebook Ads
  • We post your songs to numerous music related fan pages
  • We post your songs to numerous music related twitter pages
  • We post your songs to numerous music related instagram pages
  • We will make your track trend on twitter
  • Get you more social media followers and likes

Alaba Mixtapes will make your music go viral using the Alaba mixtape selections, We will submit your tracks to top Djs and it will be featured in their mixtapes, the mixtape is always distributed throughout the country, we use the top alaba mixtapes DJs only on this aspect.
Additionally, Each month end we also release our own personal mixtape for upcoming and rising which is usually blended with hit tracks from top artistes in the country. The mixtape is always distributed and made available for download online and with our power in social media and reliable partnership we have with the country’s top music platforms over 100ķ real server downloads is guaranteed!
Each mixtape Cd always carry a leaflet which will contain the names and numbers of all artistes on the mixtape should in case anybody wants to contact the artiste for shows or any contract. Alaba mixtape will surely booast your career, you shoudn’t miss it.

Highlights of This

  • Mixtape is distributed in Alaba, other parts of Lagos and throughout Nigeria
  • The mixtape is distributed in Abuja, Port Harcourt, Benin and environs
  • Millions listen to mixtapes each day either at home or at bars so It will certainly grow your fan base and open doors of opportunities for you throughout the country.


Create a professional artiste website
You want to be the next superstar? you have to get what it takes, not only lyrically but in all ramifications. will Create an high quality website for you to boost your musical and also serve has a base house for your music and other vital information that your fans might ever wish to know about you. The website will comprises of all your tracks, photos, and videos if you have any. Your website also includes: calendar, news, mailing list, your social networks links, online stores when people can buy your music, and the ability to sell your music and merchandise while retaining 100% of your sales and royalties.

Highlights of This

An high quality website for your you that will host:


  • All you tracks and albums.
  • An astonishing Photo gallery to exhibit your photos.
  • An online video player to stream your video online.
  • Audio player to play and download your music.
  • Links to your social Network and your online music store
  • Your Biography, calendar and mailing list.


Professional Graphics Design
You want to be the next superstar? you have to get what it takes, not only lyrically but in all ramifications. Bazetunes will link you up with YungJix a.k.a The magic hands. Yung Jiz Has Worked With Top Media In Nigeria As well as Musician . the likes of OJIE , Adekunle Gold , Skales , Kiss Daniel , Dj Baddo ,Dj Prinx , Dj Double sound Etc . and Media like Natzy Entertainment , Baddo Entertainment World etc
And Yung Jiz Is The Official Graphic Designer To etc
And Also Official Graphic Designer to 5 record labels in Nigeria..
So why not Contact A Reliable and Guaranteed Graphic Mob.

Highlights of This

  • All you tracks and albums.
  • An astonishing Photo gallery to exhibit your photos.
  • A  high quality graphics for your you

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